Classification for heroes
25 Апреля 2016
Classification for heroes

We are glad to present you a new classification for A1 TRIATHLON competitors! It is for those athletes who will cover 452 km during one season. To comply with this requirement you must take part in all three long-distance A1 TRIATHLON races in 2016:

A1 TRIATHLON 113 (19.06.2016)
A1 TRIATHLON Vyborgman (24.07.2016)
A1 TRIATHLON 226 (21.08.2016)

Such an achievement just can´t stay unnoticed! That is why in the end of the season each competitor who has reached the finish in all the three races mentioned herein will get a memorable reward «452» as well as special prizes from our partners. The prizes will be presented at the party which will be organized in October for all the A1 TRIATHLON finishers to finalize the competition season.

Dare challenging yourself and other A1 TRIATHLON competitors – cover 452 km with A1 TRIATHLON series long-distance races and get listed as a real hero!