FysioTape Russia is an official kinesiotaping partner of A1 TRIATHLON.
07 Апреля 2016
FysioTape Russia is an official kinesiotaping partner of A1 TRIATHLON.

Dear Friends! We introduce you to our new partner – FysioTape, the authorized dealer of the international company FysioTape BV (the Netherlands) and the exclusive distributor of kinesiotapes
CureTape® & Physiotape №1 as well as FysioTape taping accessories.

Kinesiotaping is an effective way to prevent and treat injuries that doesn´t limit movements. Tapes are successfully used by professional sportsmen and amateurs in cyclic sports. Since 1998 Dutch company FysioTape BV has been producing high-quality kinesiotapes and accessories for reasonable prices: they are premium tapes CureTape Classic & CureTape Punch as well as PhysioTape №1 – popular high-quality tape.

This is the only Company in the world which has its own production (the factory is located in South Korea). Therefore FysioTape BV can carefully supervise the manufacturing process, control and if necessary modify the process on any stage. That is why FysioTape guarantees high quality of their products. To show that FysioTape BV asked TÜV Rheinland Company to test all their products range.  TÜV Rheinland is one of leading international enterprises that provide independent audit in the area of quality and safety.

In A1 TRIATHLON races in June and August FysioTape Russia will be presented on the exposition and all the competitors will be able to buy CureTape and PhysioTape kinesiotapes with special price. Having bought the tape everybody will be able to be taped by FysioTape specialists for free. In addition, the champions and prize-winners will receive presents from FysioTape that will help prevent injuries and achieve great results on A1 TRIATHLON races!

You can purchase high-quality kinesiotapes for a reasonable prise right now in the internet shop  herе. On this website you may also find a lot of useful information about treatment and prevention of injuries using kinesiotaping.

Train and compete without injuries to be among the first!