A1 TRIATHLON 226 route trial swim
25 Сентября 2015
A1 TRIATHLON 226 route trial swim
On September 23rd as part of preparation to the first Ironman distance competition A1 TRIATHLON 226 in Saint Petersburg there was a trial swim on a plotted route of the swimming stage. Four sportsmen performed the test swim: Andrey Liatsky, Pavel Lemesev, Maxim Berg and Eduard Pellia.
Having swum a 2.5 km lap in the very center of the city and watched by numerous visitors of Peter and Paul’s Fortress, our swimmers noted that the chosen route is perfect for the first full Ironman distance competition in the history of Saint Petersburg. The first stage of the competitions scheduled on August 21st 2016 promises to be rarely spectacular and yet comfortable for the participants.
There is current ton the route: the competitors will have to swim little more than 1 km against the current, the most difficult sections are those close to the bridges. The swimmers covered nearly the same distance on the current too. Closer to the race date we will provide the competitors with a map indicating the currents. Yesterday taking a strong wind into account one of our swimmers spent 13 minutes to cover one kilometer on the current and 19 minutes – against the current. The current does not push off the route. Time spent to cover one lap was 46 minutes. Nevertheless the swimmers did not swim as fast as they could, they stopped off to examine the finishing zone, the depth and the current. So, with all the peculiarities of the route a conclusion can be drawn - swimming there will be fast and safe.
The width of swimming corridor is comfortable enough even considering mass start from water. The narrow part of the distance is in Kronverksky channel (the section against the current), the wide one is in the Neva river. The issue of more comfortable navigation is resolved with placing more buoys. The depth is between 2 and 3 meters. The exit from water to the sandy beach is comfortable too.
After the swim sportsmen shared their impressions: ´Water is clean, the views are wonderful… must repeat that on August 21st!´
If you feel ready to cover the swimming stage plotted on a unique route in the very heart of Saint Petersburg, register to the competition on our website and be among the first!