A1 TRIATHLON gift certificates
11 Декабря 2015
A1 TRIATHLON gift certificates
The New Year is time to make wishes, start new life and dream of more! If you want to make a really memorable present for your relatives and folks give them an A1 TRIATHLON gift certificate for participation in any of our 2016 races!
You will not only present a participation in race, but as well the motivation to prepare actively, opportunity to take part in an unforgettable sports festival and experience incredible emotions on finish. All these in one certificate which you can buy on our website following the link https://a1.ru/certificate.
To receive the certificate you first choose the distance of the race and then create your own design or choose one of the ready solutions. You may send the gift by email or hand it in personally.
If you want to receive such a present yourself – don´t forget to share the news with friends, they can´t fail to get your hint.
Be among the first and give meaningful presents!