A1 TRIATHLON open trainings on August 15th-16th!
11 Августа 2015
A1 TRIATHLON open trainings on August 15th-16th!
Garmin Company presents gifts to the winners and medalists of all types of A1 TRIATHLON competitions with no exception. No medalist will leave without a gift!
A1 TRIATHLON recommends the latest thing from Garmin – unique Forerunner 225 watch. Это первые беговые часы Garmin со встроенным датчиком пульса. Now you won´t have to attach pulse meter on your chest while running, because the watch itself has a built-in pulse sensor based technology developed by Mio Company.
Forerunner 225 is a new way to display the information about your physical efforts. Special colored scale is used to indicate your pulse rate zones and number of heart beats per minute.
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