Taping from ROCKTAPE on A1 TRIATHLON competitions!
18 Августа 2015
Taping from ROCKTAPE on A1 TRIATHLON competitions!
Kinesio Taping is an easy but effective way to remedy and prevent muscular pains, strains and various sport traumas with a tape. ROCKTAPE is known to be one of the leaders in taping; their tapes are as elastic as human skin that is why they ensure considerable support without limiting or hindering movements. ROCKTAPE has lasting hypoallergic adhesive layer. They are these very characteristics that ensured RockTape to be called the most durable kinesiotape in the world.
A1 TRIATHLON athletes can experience the advantages of ROCKTAPE: The company´s specialists will be working in the expo-zone both days of the competitions. Taping will be free provided that the tape is bought directly from ROCKTAPE or their partners. Look for RockTape red tent and и reinforce your weak spots to be at your peak fitness!
ROCKTAPE Company apart of the medalists who will receive branded kinesiotapes, brochures, knee-pads and learning certificates has decided to reward the fastest swimmers with its branded waterproof tapes from H2O series!
They were specially designed for watersports – adhesive base of the tape is even more lasting and resists long hours in water. Moreover, the tape doesn´t lose its qualities and keeps on supporting a sportsman at one´s peak fitness during several days in any conditions!
Stay strong for longer!