2XU multiplies A1 TRIATHLON athletes’ potentials!
24 Августа 2015
2XU multiplies A1 TRIATHLON athletes’ potentials!
August 8th 2015
2XU trademark of sport compressive clothing is a partner of А1 TRIATHLON and it provides participants with gifts: T-shirts, running accessories as well as two main prizes to sportsmen taking honourable third place – a legendary 2XU wetsuit from A:1 series.
The wetsuit appeared to be a complete namesake of our project. The decision to reward participants taking the third place roots in the trademark slogan: 2XU – multiplying potentials! We are sure that in the next A1 starts 2XU prize-takers will show even more impressive results thanks to new equipment from the world-recognized brand which enables high speed and incredible comfort during the swimming stage.
2XU brand wishes luck to all A1 sportsmen and reminds that all triathletes have a 15% discount in 2XU-Russia internet shop if registration to any competition is presented. Look for more details herе