Your A1 Victories Calendar 2016
14 Августа 2015
Your A1 Victories Calendar 2016
An unforgettable sport season is about to come! Registration starts on our website already this SEPTEMBER!

A1 Team has already started the preparations to season 2016, so we would like to share the information about the most amazing races of the upcoming year!
The dates and the program are approximate.
Our main races of the season are:
- all the most popular triathlon distances including the main goal – FULL IRON DISTANCE!
- a race with a unique course. Details to be announces in September!
- open water swimming – for those ready for more!

These race will allow you to start your competition season already in spring and to follow your target monthly with A1! Make sure to save your goals’ calendar 2016!

24 April 24 2016

19 June 2016
First Triathlon 0.2/10/1
Sprint Triathlon 0.75/20/5
A1 Triathlon 113 1.9/90/21.1

17 July 2016
A1 Swim
1 sea mile
3000 m
5000 m

21 August 2016
First Triathlon 0.2/10/1
Olympic Triathlon 1.5/40/10
A1 Triathlon 226 3.8/180/42.2

See you in St. Petersburg!