We are glad to announce our international partner Turku Triathlon Weekend!
24 Июня 2015
We are glad to announce our international partner Turku Triathlon Weekend!

First international triathlon race in St. Petersburg co-operates with triathlon event in Turku – a sister-city of St. Petersburg.

Take up the challenge and experience the stunning and unique Finnish city competition of Turku. TTW provides a wonderful setting for competitors, spectators and competitors' support team to enjoy the exciting race weekend as well as the city festival with health and well-being at its heart.

The race centre for Turku Triathlon Weekend (TTW) will operate fr om in front of the Forum Marinum maritime centre, spreading from Turku Castle down towards Varvintori square. The swimming leg takes place on the River Aura in front of the Transition Area and the Expo Area, bike routes will spread in the vicinity on the closed roads. The run course will follow the rivers banks of Aura in the very heart of the town.

SPRINT (15th August 2015)
The sprint race will run over the official distances: 750 metre swim, 20 km bike ride and 5 km run. The shorter distances like the sprint are the best way to get involved with the sport as they require only a basic swimming level and general fitness. However, although the sprint distances are the shortest they might not be the easiest. On the other hand, sprints provide beginners with the chance to race, enjoy and experience the event. 

HALF DISTANCE (16th August 2015)
The half-distance triathlon (or ‘long-course’) includes a 1.9 km swim, a 90 km bike ride and 21.1 km run. This distance requires competitors to undergo a strict training programme and build better stamina than for the shorter races, but the distance is still open to all styles and abilities. Wh ere some might compete more seriously, others may seek to challenge themselves over half the distance or just take part in a ”once in a lifetime” experience. TTW Half Distance is also an international top-level sporting event. 

The first 5 men and women in the Elite / General Category of TTW HALF DISTANCE will receive prize money. The prize money of EUR 15,000 will be distributed equally to the men and women as follows: 

1st place: EUR 3,000
2nd place: EUR 2,000
3rd place: EUR 1,250
4th place: EUR 750
5th place: EUR 500 

All the age group top 3 in all categories will receive a trophy and other non-cash prize 

TTW will offer special registration fees in order to promote our partnership with A1 Triathlon (use Campaign Code “A1” when registering): 

SPRINT 55 euros (75 normal)
SPRINT RELAY 90 euros (100 normal)
HALF DISTANCE 120 euros (170 normal)
HALF DISTANCE RELAY 160 euros (190 normal)